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Miscellaneous Parts and Clock Case Hardware Listing & Price Calculator.

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All parts listed on this page are individually priced and include VAT and delivery to UK & Ireland. We will be pleased to provide a shipping quotation to all other destinations, just email Frank a list of the parts you require and state your Country and Zip Code.

If you require KIENINGER MOVEMENT REPAIR PARTS which are not listed on this page, please contact Oakside, stating the movement type and we will send you a movement exploded view drawing in PDF form, from which you can identify the part you are seeking.

Manual Entry
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Case Accessories
Case Accessories August Case:

Enlarge August Case - Complete Oakside August Tasche Walnut clock case for customer completion.

Requires sanding and lacquering.

Pre-cut Bevelled Glass available on request.

This case is pre-drilled to accept Kieninger RWS and PS - 65cm movement Sets. Price includes brass piano hinge and door lock. Please contact Frank for details. (In stock) £899.00 (EUR 1,051.83)

August Glass - Four pieces of Bevelled glass for August Tasche (side panels) shown above (Buy 3mm door glass localy). (In stock) £110.00 (EUR 128.70)

Case Accessories 222:

Enlarge 222 - Dr. Tillwich 3.5ml synthetic 859 movement lubrication oil. (In stock) £18.99 (EUR 22.22)

Case Accessories 223:

Enlarge 223 - Dr. Tillwich 20.0ml synthetic 859 movement lubrication oil. (In stock) £39.85 (EUR 46.62)

Case Accessories 224:

Enlarge 224 - Dr. Tillwich Clock-Grease 859-8 + PTFE - 7 gram tube of Precision Grease for sliding surfaces. (In stock) £36.99 (EUR 43.28)

Case Accessories 021:

Enlarge 021 - Special hook for hanging Kieninger & Hermle wall clocks (In stock) £8.88 (EUR 10.39)

Case Accessories 002:

Enlarge 002 - E clip (circlips) selection of approximately 60 pieces. Fits groove sizes;1.2mm; 1.5mm; 1.9mm; 2.3mm; 2.9mm; 3.2mm. (In stock) £8.99 (EUR 10.52)

Case Accessories E260:

Enlarge E260 - Glass dial face for Hermle 70644-382200 (Arriving shortly) £39.85 (EUR 46.62)

Case Accessories 001:

Enlarge 001 - Oakside miniature mortise, hook lock set. (in stock) £18.49 (EUR 21.63)

Case Accessories 002/R:

Enlarge 002/R - Brass Mortise Lock Set - (hinges on the right). (In stock) £18.27 (EUR 21.38)

Case Accessories 012:

Enlarge 012 - Kieninger ornamental door lock key, with hole for lock pin (1). (In stock) £19.85 (EUR 23.22)

Case Accessories 003:

Enlarge 003 - Pair of double cranked, solid brass hinges with brass screws, length including finials 70mm. (requires a 11x11mm rebate). (in stock) £29.74 (EUR 34.80)

Case Accessories 004:

Enlarge 004 - Pair of double cranked, solid brass hinges with brass screws, length including finials 102mm. (requires a 11x11mm rebate). (in stock) £29.74 (EUR 34.80)

Case Accessories 011:

Enlarge 011 - Case hinges (2) with finials electro plated in brass. 77mm over finials, 50mm over base. (In stock) £14.99 (EUR 17.54)

Case Accessories 005:

Enlarge 005 - Brass Drawer Button set (in stock) £5.99 (EUR 7.01)

Case Accessories 006:

Enlarge 006 - Four Adjustable Cabinet Feet, 40mm diameter with threaded frame inserts and spanner. (in stock) £19.95 (EUR 23.34)

Case Accessories 007:

Enlarge 007 - Kieninger White Painted Swing Indicator. (in stock) £2.99 (EUR 3.50)

Case Accessories 007A:

Enlarge 007A - Brass swing indicator (In stock) £9.99 (EUR 11.69)

Case Accessories 008:

Enlarge 008 - Kieninger White Enamel Swing Indicator. (On order) £39.85 (EUR 46.62)

Case Accessories 009:

Enlarge 009 - Two 10mm diameter Brass Door Knob and two 8mm diameter Brass Ball Catches with Plates (In stock) £29.87 (EUR 34.95)

Case Accessories 010:

Enlarge 010 - A pair of Magnetic insert 8mm door catches and plates. (In stock) £4.89 (EUR 5.72)

Case Accessories 014/J:

Enlarge 014/J - Heat moulded Perspex glazing for Kieninger 1226 models. 86.5 mm wide (In stock) £49.85 (EUR 58.32)

Case Accessories 016/J:

Enlarge 016/J - Curved glass with bevelled edges all round to fit the current Kieninger 1226 models.. Cannot be used to replace acrylic glazing. (Kieninger special factory order) £99.98 (EUR 116.98)

Case Accessories 017:

Enlarge 017 - 4 x Cast Brass Spandrels 113mm to tips, 80 x 80mm. (in stock) £25.67 (EUR 30.03)

Case Accessories 018:

Enlarge 018 - Solid Brass Piano Hinge, 25mm wide when open as shown x 1000mm long including brass wood screws (In stock) £29.99 (EUR 35.09)

Case Accessories 019:

Enlarge 019 - J movements dial pillar, retaining clips. (4) (In stock) £9.90 (EUR 11.58)

Case Accessories 020:

Enlarge 020 - Silver chapter ring, 244mm OD, 136mm ID with painted Roman numerals (In stock) £34.25 (EUR 40.07)

Case Accessories 023:

Enlarge 023 - Kieninger dial silver chapter ring, 244mm brass Arabic numerals. (In stock) £58.49 (EUR 68.43)

Case Accessories 024:

Enlarge 024 - Kieninger dial silver chapter ring, 244mm brass Roman numerals. (In stock) £58.49 (EUR 68.43)

Case Accessories 026:

Enlarge 026 - Moon disk 149mm diameter with pivot spindle. (In stock) £34.67 (EUR 40.56)

Case Accessories 027:

Enlarge 027 - Moon disk 170mm diameter with pivot spindle. (In stock) £37.89 (EUR 44.33)

Case Accessories 132:

Enlarge 132 - Kieninger Dial - Brass Bezel 132mm diameter x 3mm wide x 4mm deep (In stock) £59.00 (EUR 69.03)

Case Accessories 151:

Enlarge 151 - Kieninger Dial - Brass Bezel 151mm diameter x 3mm wide x 4mm deep (In stock) £59.00 (EUR 69.03)

Case Accessories 185:

Enlarge 185 - Kieninger Dial - Brass Bezel 183mm diameter x 6mm wide x 15mm deep (In stock) £64.11 (EUR 75.01)

Case Accessories L0006:

Enlarge L0006 - Dial Back plate 180mm diameter For RWS and PS movements (In stock) £50.83 (EUR 59.47)

Case Accessories D-0106:

Enlarge D-0106 - Dial retaining spring clips (4) (In stock) £11.99 (EUR 14.03)

Case Accessories 206:

Enlarge 206 - Kieninger Dial - Brass Bezel 206mm diameter x 10mm wide x 15mm deep (In stock) £79.00 (EUR 92.43)

Case Accessories 237:

Enlarge 237 - Kieninger Dial - Brass Bezel 237mm diameter x 7mm wide x 18mm deep (In stock) £85.00 (EUR 99.45)

Case Accessories 270:

Enlarge 270 - Kieninger Dial - Brass Bezel 270mm diameter x 15mm wide x 18mm deep (In stock) £95.00 (EUR 111.15)

Case Accessories 300:

Enlarge 300 - Kieninger Dial - Brass Bezel 300mm diameter x 15mm wide x 22mm deep (In stock) £95.00 (EUR 111.15)

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