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Kieninger Clock Movement Sets for Clock Makers who insist on the Best!

Please Note that parts on this page are only available by internet order - We are pleased to provide telephone or e-mail advice to clock makers but we cannot offer pay and collect.

Kieninger Online Shop

On the Sets 'Options & Prices' page you can modify the contents of the set to suit your project! We also include a drawing showing the primary movement, dial and pendulum, installation dimensions. Oakside will remove the moon arches from all 250mm & 280mm moon dials to provide 250 & 280mm square versions.

On the Clock Case Hardware page you will find a selection of useful items, including brass rebate hinges, mortise locks, escutcheons, keys and adjustable cabinet leveling feet for your clock. Oakside use these items on its range of clocks!

Please note, when you purchase your mechanical clock parts from Oakside, you are dealing with a dedicated Longcase Clock Designer & Maker, not just a shop! We will readily examine you clock drawings to ensure that your design will be able to accommodate the Kieninger movement of your choice. We will also provide telephone assistance when you are installing the mechanicals and commissioning your clock. Our expertise will ensure that your new clock will perform perfectly!

CLOCK PLANS. On the Options and Prices page of each of our Sets you will find a selection of clock plans that Frank has purchased from around the internet; these can be modified to accommodate your project.

If this is your first Grandfather clock building project Frank recommends you have a look at our Clocks Built By Others page for inspiration, especially the clock by Pieter van Vliet of Canada - visit his web site and you will find a complete set of plans and fully illustrated guide to building a clock in the style of our Hampshire & Winchester with photos of each stage of construction.

There is also lots of interesting information on the Kieninger Manuals & Interesting Links page.

Plan 014 -- Seth Thomas No. 2 Regulator


This Seth Thomas clock design was modelled after the original Seth Thomas Office No. 2 Regulator from the mid 1870´s. The dial ring can be made with either a lathe or with a plunge router with a series of set ups which we describe in the instruction booklet. Size: 36" (914mm) high by 15" (381mm) wide and 6" (152mm) deep. (Kieninger movement installation drawing included).

All of the Movement, Dial and Pendulum Sets listed on this web page can be installed in a clock cabinet built to the selected plan, however you must compare the dimensions stated on the Kieninger movement instalation drawing we provide and decide if you need to make changes to any of the plans cabinet dimensions prior to constructing the cabinet.

Clockmakers Set 15 featuring the Kieninger APL 54cm movement


Pendulum length 54cm. Spring drives.

Plays the Westminster melody on a five rod gong.


The standard set includes the following parts: You can modify the Sets contents on the Options and Prices page!

  • Movement: APL 07 - 54cm
  • Dial: Kieninger 155mm white Dial with black Roman numerals and an imitation brass rim.
  • Pendulum: Kieninger 54cm Timber Pendulum with a 115mm Brass Bob. 19mm wide stick
  • Pendulum parts: Pendulum leader 115mm, PL between 35 & 72cm.
  • Gongs: APL 5-rod gong, 180mm rear panel mounting.
  • Mounting: Four brass rear mounting pillars included
  • Plans: Kieninger movement installation drawing is included with all Sets.

Please note that all metal dials are supplied fitted to a back plate with four pillars - this connects directly to the front plate of the movement ensuring accurate positioning.

The APL 54cm movement specifications. Plate size 100mm x 104mm x 1.7mm with six bronze bushes, a patented Kieniramic7 Dead Beat Graham escapement, an automatic tick (beat) adjustment mechanism, a chime control lever with three selectable positions, providing the choice of Automatic Night Silencing (between 10pm & 07-15AM), continuous chiming and silent. The APL 05 movement plays the Westminster melody, chimes the hours and strikes on the half hour on a 5-rod gong.

This movement set requires a minimum measurement of 102mm from the inside face of the dial glass to the inside of the rear panel.

When using the Square brass rod penduum (107) and 80mm bob, the distance from the hand-shaft to the centre of the bob is 395mm and the total swing is 145mm.

When using the Metal Grid pendulum with the 115mm bob, the distance from the hand-shaft to the centre of the bob is 450mm. The distance from the hand shaft down to the lowest tip of the pendulum is 525mm.

The APL 54cm is fixed to the rear panel of your cabinet using the four hexagon brass pillars supplied with the set. The gong assembly screws to the rear panel of you cabinet using the screws provided.

Our sets include all of the parts needed to get your clock ticking and Frank will be please to assist with selection, installation & operating questions.

PLANS - We now offer clock building plans on the Options and Prices page, these can be modified in cabinet depth to accept various Kieninger movements.

Price including UK & Ireland delivery £414.12 (EUR 454.21)

Please note that we ship to Canada, USA, Australia & New Zealand.

Click here to view the Set 15 Movement Dials and Pendulums images page.

Click here to view the Set 15 Options and Prices page.

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