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Set 47 -- The Kieninger RS 01 116cm movement set -- Options List & Price Calculator.

Click here to view Set 47 Images of Dials & Pendulums.

The standard RS 01 116cm movement set described on the gallery page is £1,089.66 (EUR 1,203.97) including UK & Ireland delivery.

You can modify the contents of RS 01 116cm movement set by clicking the box to the left of each of the options images and then select your delivery location - the price at the bottom will be automatically adjusted. You can then click one of the "Quotation" buttons to obtain an inclusive price in £ or Euro.

Movement 034: RS001 - 116cmEnlarge 034 - Kieninger RS005 - 116cm. (Highly polished Version) (Movement in stock)
Movement RS116cm: RS 116cm  (Old stock)Enlarge RS116cm - Kieninger RS001 Polished version - Special purchase from Kieninger. (Movement in stock) Reduce Set Price £130.00 (EUR 143.64)
Dial 016: Oakside 180mm Dial.Enlarge 016 - Oakside 180mm white Vienna dial (including hands) with black Roman numerals, a subsidiary seconds dial and a brass rim. (in stock)
Dial 012: Kieninger 180mm Dial.Enlarge 012 - Kieninger 180mm diameter real enamel white dial with black Roman numerals, a subsidiary seconds dial and a brass rim. (in stock) £145.00 (EUR 160.21)
Dial 013: Kieninger 200mm Dial.Enlarge 013 - Kieninger 200mm diameter real enamel white enamel dial (including hands) with black Roman numerals, a subsidiary seconds dial and a brass rim. (In stock) £145.00 (EUR 160.21)
Dial 017: Oakside 200mm Vienna Dial.Enlarge 017 - Oakside 200mm white Vienna dial (including hands) with black Roman numerals, a subsidiary seconds dial and a brass rim. (in stock) £10.00 (EUR 11.05)
Dial 021: Oakside 240mm Dial.Enlarge 021 - Oakside 240mm white dial (including hands) with black Roman numerals, a subsidiary seconds dial and a brass rim. (in stock) £60.00 (EUR 66.29)
Dial 022: Oakside 270mm Dial.Enlarge 022 - Oakside 270mm white dial (including hands) with black Roman numerals, a subsidiary seconds dial and a brass rim. (On order) £60.00 (EUR 66.29)
Dial 027: Kieninger 200 x 275mm Dial.Enlarge 027 - Kieninger 200 x 275mm Special Calendar Dial (including hands) with Brass Roman numerals on a Silver Chapter ring and a subsidiary seconds dial. The strike and triple chimes are selected using the two levers in the top corners of the dial. (In stock) £340.00 (EUR 375.67)
Dial 052: Oakside 280 x 395mm Dial.Enlarge 052 - Oakside Special - 280 x 395mm Moon dial (including Serpentine hands) with Brass Roman numerals on a silver chapter ring. Etched spandrels. (in stock) £80.00 (EUR 88.39)
Dial 089: Kieninger 203mm Multi-function Dial.Enlarge 089 - 203mm diameter silver plated multifunctional dial with second indication, day of the month, day of the week, month calendar, moon phase feature. (In stock) £479.00 (EUR 529.25)
Dial 240: Kieninger 242mm Multi-function Dial - Chrome rim (face scratched)Enlarge 240 - 243mm diameter silver plated multifunctional dial with second indication, day of the month, day of the week, month calendar, moon phase feature. This dial is on Special Offer as it has some small scratches on the lower parts of the face. (In stock) £290.00 (EUR 320.42)
Dial 090: Kieninger 182mm open silver face Dial.Enlarge 090 - Kieninger 182mm Open Face Silver dial (including hands) with a brass rim.. (On order) £149.00 (EUR 164.63)
Dial 0905: Oakside 182mm open face white Dial.Enlarge 0905 - Oakside 182mm Open Face white dial (including hands) with a polished brass rim. (In stock) £119.00 (EUR 131.48)
092 - £169.00 (EUR 186.73)
Dial 245: Kieninger 274mm silver face Dial with Chrome rim (face scratched)Enlarge 245 - SPECIAL OFFER Kieninger 274mm silver face Dial with Chrome rim. This dial has several very small scratches on parts of the face (In stock) £120.00 (EUR 132.59)
Dial 356: Oakside 356mm white Face for Mora clockEnlarge 356 - Oakside 356mm diameter High quality imitation enamel off-white dials with black Roman numerals. Alluminium. Original art work done by hand. (In stock) £99.00 (EUR 109.39)
Dial 000: Dial Not RequiredEnlarge 000 - DIAL NOT REQUIRED ? Reduce Set Price £89.00 (EUR 98.34)
Pendulum 086: Kieninger 116cm Timber Pendulum 165mm bob. 24mm wide stickEnlarge 086 - Kieninger 116cm Timber Pendulum with a 165mm Brass Bob. (In stock)
Pendulum 086Black: Kieninger 116cm Black Timber Pendulum 165mm bob . 24mm wide stickEnlarge 086Black - Kieninger 116cm Black Timber Pendulum 165mm bob . 24mm wide stick (Arriving shortly) £40.00 (EUR 44.20)
Pendulum 095: Kieninger 116cm Lyre Pendulum. 170mm bobEnlarge 095 - Lyre Pendulum with a 170mm polished brass bob. (In stock)
Pendulum 096: Kieninger 116cm Lyre Pendulum. 225mm bobEnlarge 096 - Lyre Pendulum with a 225mm polished brass bob. (In stock) £10.00 (EUR 11.05)
Pendulum 100: Kieninger 116cm brass Temperature Compensating Pendulum. 220mm bobEnlarge 100 - Temperature Compensating with a 220mm polished brass bob. (In stock) £398.00 (EUR 439.75)
Pendulum 116: Kieninger Pendulum Special   (Brass version), B-0446-000 leaderEnlarge 116 - Kieninger Special pendulum (Brass version), carbon fibre rod, 150mm bob and fine adjustment. Use with 002 pendulum leader 104mm. (Kieninger special factory order) £329.00 (EUR 363.51)
Pendulum parts
Pendulum parts 001: Pendulum leader 164mm. (For 80cm to 116cm movements)Enlarge 001 - Pendulum leader 164mm, PL between 72 & 116cm. B-0444-000 (in stock)
Pulleys 01: Small brass cable pulley (35mm) for PS & RS movements.Enlarge 01 - Three brass pulleys included. (Temporarily out of stock)
Weight Shells
Weight Shells 07: Shell 50 x 180mm with small hookEnlarge 07 - Polished brass weight shell complete, 50 x 180mm. (In stock)
Shell Fillings
Strike 3.4kg, Time 3.4kg, Chime 3.4kg.
Exclude shell fillings (Not applicable to UK or EU) ? Reduce Set Price £60.00 (EUR 66.29)
Gongs 012: RWS, RS. 8-rod gong 430mm.Enlarge 012 - 8-rod gong assembly - included. (Temporarily out of stock)
Mounting 010: Satin combined movement clamp and cable hanging plate.  for RSEnlarge 010 - Cable suspension plate included in set. (In stock)
Mounting 001: Satin movement mounting bracket with fixing parts. (RWS, RS, RSB)Enlarge 001 - Brass Brushed finish movement support bracket. Cable suspension plate included in set. (in stock) £149.00 (EUR 164.63)
Mounting 003: Polished movement mounting bracket. D-0344-100Enlarge 003 - Brass Polished movement support bracket. Includes Polished Brass Cable suspension plate. (In stock) £179.00 (EUR 197.78)
Kieninger movement installation drawing is included with all Sets.
Plans 008: French Style Floor ClockEnlarge 008 - The Orleans floor clock evokes the era of 19th century France when the absolutism of the monarchy gave to the rise of the Citizen King, Louis Philippe (1830-48), whose rule saw the nation prosper and the ascendancy of the middle class.

In furniture, the most striking elements of the Louis Philippe style are the very clean, simple lines and wide ogee. Feet and brackets terminate in scrolls, and hardware was used sparingly. All these element were incorporated in this timeless design.

The "Orleans" model shows a graceful play of straight and curved lines. The crown moulding, which echoes the base, gently swoops toward the centre, with the upper section of the door echoing it, while below, the inside bottom door shape reflects this curve.

Height 2134mm, Width 685mm, Depth 330mm. (Kieninger movement installation drawing included). (In stock) £10.00 (EUR 11.05)
Plans 017: Laterndlur style Vienna Regulator for 116cm movementsEnlarge 017 - Vienna Lanterndlur Regulator, Height around 1500mm, eminently suitable for the Kieninger RS 116cm movement.

This plan is for experienced case builders as it only provides dimensions and a few sections.

To use pendulums with shorter lengths, the builder will need to reduce the height of the case and then re-calculate all other sizes in proportion to the new height. (In stock) £25.00 (EUR 27.62)
Plans 018: Scandinavian style Floor Clock We recomnend usin a dial 240mm in diameter.Enlarge 018 - Scandinavian style Floor Clock, Height 1650mm. We recommend using a dial 240mm in diameter (Kieninger movement installation drawing included). (in stock)
Plans 041: Swedish Mora Floor ClockEnlarge 041 - Swedish 18th century Mora Clock, Height 2032mm (excluding the spire), Width 660mm, Depth 330mm.

To ensure that the centre of the pendulum bob swings within the lower part of the glazed door you will require a 116cm movement with either a 116cm lyre pendulum or a 116cm temperature compensating pendulum.

Very comprehensive set of plans on nineteen 24 " by 36" sheets. The plans include full size patterns that can be traced onto your timber and for producing mdf templates to use with bearing guided routers blades to machine the shaped wood parts.

In addition, the plans includes fully dimensioned, construction detail drawings, a twenty A4 page fully illustrated assembly booklet and an eighteen page step by step written assembly instruction guide.

The drawing specifies bendable plywood for the curved panels - as an alternative Oakside can supply 6mm flexible MDF panels veneered in real Oak, Walnut and Cherry.

We also include a Kieninger movement installation drawing. (In stock) £50.00 (EUR 55.25)
Plans 045: Shaker style floor clockEnlarge 045 - Shaker style floor clock.

As drawn the case will stand 1785mm tall; 426mm wide and 276mm deep.

Ver simple design can be built with ver basic tools and a router to produce the mouldings.

The original was fitted with a battery movement, but we would suggest that this fine case should be fitted with a mechanical movement. (In stock)
UK & Republic of Ireland, VAT and Delivery Included.
Channel Islands (UK Tax Free). £15.00 (EUR 16.57)
EU Countries, VAT and Delivery included. £35.00 (EUR 38.67)
Australia & New Zealand, Delivery by Air. Excluding local GST. (UK Tax Free). £150.00 (EUR 165.74)
USA & Canada - Delivery price excluding any local taxes. (UK Tax Free). £109.00 (EUR 120.43)
Other Countries, please e-mail for a delivery quotation. (UK Tax Free).

Total delivered price with above options applied:

To view your personalized quotation, please click on or

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