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Altobel Antonio SCR.79 Contemporary Style

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Minimalistic style


Contemporary style pendulum clock. Fully made by solid American Douglas wood from Oregon state. Just 5 solid pieces of wood: the 2 bottom ones the 2 twin side ones and the movement support piece. We had waited for 15 years for it to naturally dry in order to avoid defect and cracks due to the final 10cm thickness. Mr. Giovanni Casella did a great glass: 10mm thick back side and top finely sanded borders. So you may take of the top one itself for a deep cleaning. The door is 8mm thick tempered and the 3 hinges have the closing stop for mantaining the door closed. That´s an incomparable mix between the glass and the solid wood. It looks heavy but transparent and luminous at the same time. It looks a piece of interior home due to the same wood of the windows used for the home building but the full light pass inside and comes out all around and the clock can stay home as a piece of home design itself. Selection is finest: not nervous and regular vens/grains all around woodworked therefore clock is good for a room central location. Also the nice movement by Kieninger very modern is nicely visible from the back side. Possibly a natural finish over the wood hand made by Mr. Stefano waterbased will make the clock feeling even more contemporary.


Original German mechanical movement from the company Kieninger, they do clock movements in the Black Forest since 1912 made of solid high thick finest brass and it has the largest size and it has been shiny polished totally. Assembled by the factory chief personally. It has the best technical project too. It may play one of 3 different chimes on 9 notes each from the vibration of a tube hanged at the movement back side: Westminster chime, Whittington chime and S. Michel chime quarterly. Then it plays the strokes hourly. Tubes pending from the easy mounting system incorporated inside the movement itself. It´s like an organ. Each piece of the movement has been first nickeled and then chromed finely and shiny polished for an incomparable modern looking. All wheel theeth sended n order to avoid the extra thick over it. Moreover we added 12 genuine natural ruby jewels like extraordinary bushings to contrast the chroming and to make the movement a jewelry piece too. Weekly wind by rotating the cranc key inside the 3 front holes at the dial, so no chains in front of the pendulum. Also chromed compensation pendulum with 2 adjustable nuts over and one under the pendulum bob. Clock dial is simply but very cared. It has been made of crystal to let the maximum possible lighting and viewing to the chromed movement and it has true second hand chromed too, so its 60 seconds corresponds exacly to a minute. Chromed big size weights made of brass and inside about 6,5kg each of lead bars. Clock movement features: self oiling, self centring, self regulating and you may rotate minute hand counterclockwise trouble free. Moreover clock may not chime night time from 10pm untill 7.15am automatically. That´s the sole movement that by a click you may adjust the night silencer timing for examble from 11pm to 8.15am or from 9pm to 6.15am etc…. Unique big sized clock hands and open design in order to let to see thought inside both of them. At the very end we can say that´s the best clock mix: finest made movement adding the most modern execution, together with the most simply luminous clock deisgn that allows the clock to stay in home being a piece of architecture and not simply a piece of furniture.


In the 1980 Mr. Benedusi designed it for himself, that is a famous civil engenier in Vicenza with a nice balcony interior home. Then slowly we upgraded it by the wood by the dial by the chroming and tempered door. Finally we haded the compensation pendulum and the see thought clock hands.


We grant 2 years totally worldwide. It has the operating and starting booklet in 16 different languages included. We also will include usb pen drive showing start up videos in English language too. Clock wood has been selected dryed and very cared. It has 15 years natural drying. About the movement package it includes the dial hands specially made chromed. It comes off to the front simply by unscrewing the 2 gray screws so we will wait for it per post or in person to repair or register it if something happerns without sending back dial and pendulum tubolars and weights. Later we will return it to you per post. Moreover the movement package stands out totally for verifing and inspection by pulling out to the front the top glass. You see quickly it has been chromed totally per each detail over the brass and then reassambled.

Height: 92¼ inches (234 cm), Width: 29¼ inches (74 cm), Depth: 17 inches (43 cm)

0green.jpgEither in stock or 30 days from receipt of order.

Price including UK & Ireland delivery from £26,446.00 (EUR 32,000.00)

Please give Frank a call for Oakside's best price on this model - you will be pleasantly surprised .


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